Deidra’s “Night at the Oscars” 40th Birthday

Deidra’s 40th birthday party was a “Night at the Oscar’s premier event hosting flashbacks to many iconic movies of the past. The photo Step N Repeat red carpet backdrop was a Hollywood theme alongside full size Oscars to commemorate the theme of the evening. The guests had a blast mingling at the large 30 foot granite bar drinking all time favorite cocktails watching pictures of the event on our many 60 inch TVs in the room. The guests had an amazing time dancing to the music from our professional DJ booth and an amazing professional light show of varying colors, shapes, sizes and moving heads. Everyone enjoyed the Italian buffet food provided by Halo. The family and friends of Deidra embraced the unique interactive atmosphere of a fun private party experience with an interactive, family and lounge vibe. The event won many Oscar’s for best party of all time!