Z’Rai’s Sweet 16 Event

Z’Rai’s Sweet 16 party was held at NJ’s premier private party venue. Everyone had a great time dancing to the music and professional lights that created an exciting atmosphere.

Alanah’s Sweet 16 Party

Alanah’s Sweet 16 party was held at Halo in Rutherford, NJ. The event was one of a kind!

Isabella’s Sweet 16 Party

Isabella’s sweet 16 party was a blast for all of her friends and family at Halo. The candle lighting ceremony was one for the ages.

Sophie’s Sweet 16 Party

Sophie’s sweet 16 party was a blast in Halo’s private party venue specializing in unique events. The guests were mesmerized all night long by the many elements of the party.

Kylah’s Sweet 16 Party

Kylah’s sweet 16 party was over the top. Her friends had a blast dancing all night long in Halo’s amazing private party venue.

Morgan’s Sweet 16 Party

Morgan’s Sweet 16 was an epic event! The venue was beautifully decorated with an amazing cake and candy table to die for and hundreds of long stringed balloons hanging from the ceiling thanks to parents Renata and Bill and Aunt Agnes for the deserts.

Aleja’s 15th Birthday Party

Aleja’s 15th birthday was remarkable. Family and friends were dancing and partying all night at Halo. The theme was a “white-out” glow party.

Zachary’s 18th Birthday Party

Zachary’s 18th birthday was amazing! Special friends and family gathered to celebrate a party for the ages at Halo, NJ’s Premier Party Rental Venue in Rutherford NJ.

Gianna’s Sweet 16 Party

Gianna’s sweet 16 party was a blast! Both her closest friends and family gathered to share in her special event.